Alberta public school students, on average, fall behind in math compared with many other regions of Canada (the following link opens in a new window) and many other countries in the world:

Parents who wish their children keep up with the rapid development of science & technologies (including artificial intelligence), need to pay special attention. Most public secondary schools and colleges are falling far behind in math education compared with many countries, including developing countries like India or China.  Some results are very shocking. If we exclude immigrants who came from those countries, the results will be much worse.

Mathematics is the foundation of all sciences. Writing and logical thinking skills are among a few things that Alberta students need to improve. Canada will lose its competitiveness in the world very soon if we do not address these issues seriously. We must face the reality and take actions now.

We have experts in math, all of them have Ph.D. degrees or equivalent, in math and/or a few other subjects. We can help students better prepare for the future. We will NOT teach like most instructors do at public schools. We have our own materials to supplement things taught at public schools.

Time & Location

Mainly at the University of Calgary (other locations possible):  Sunday 9 AM to 3 PM  have a better chance to book a session. Online tutorial also available.


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Math 10 and above, include Math IB (higher level or above, math competitions), AP GRE prep and many university courses.

Some sample courses: Math 211, Math249, MATH265, Math311, AMAT415, STAT213, MATH421, etc.. Calculus, advanced calculus, linear algebra, basic statistics, complex variables.


Serving the Calgary area since 2009, we will let students acquire skills and knowledge that possibly few other schools will do, including public, private schools, and universities. We do not try to keep students for a long period of time in order to get more profits. We are aiming for helping the students be better learners. We provide the best approximation of truth and reality as we can, which few schools, public or private, are willing to do, which may hurt their profitability.