Most students studying science and technologies need to know differential equations and some common techniques to solve them, exactly or numerically. Differential equations can be considered as an application of calculus and is a foundation for many subjects, including physics, engineering, probability (stochastic differential equations, for example) & statistics, economics, and finance.

Most students who get a good foundation in calculus will have no difficulties in learning ordinary and partial differential equations, but for students who missed some basics, we can help you to fill in some gaps. 

A quick example for those who know nothing about differential equations: the easiest differential equation is $$\frac{d}{dx}f(x)=0$$ or $$y'=0$$. The solution is the set of all real or complex numbers, depends on your needs. This is because, for any constant function $$y=c,$$ its derivative is zero. But solve equations like $$y''+y'+y=0,$$ needs a bit more efforts than just doing one integration.

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